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About us

Our pedigree is your future

Dennehy Wealth is one of the UK’s leading independent financial advisers in Kent. We have been providing expert advice since 1987*, when Brian Dennehy and Linden Weller founded the company… just in time for the financial crash of October 1987!

Having weathered that storm, we built a business which does right by its clients, always acting with openness and honesty. We’re constantly developing our research, as well as establishing a skilled team of advisers and administrators who understand our way of thinking.

Dennehy Wealth has attained Chartered Financial Planner status, meaning we comply with a code of ethics, which not only requires us to have highly qualified staff, but also places our clients’ best interests at the very core of our business.

The fair treatment of our clients has seen us receive referrals from existing customers, many of whom have paid the greatest compliment of all by entrusting us with their children’s finances.

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What makes Dennehy Wealth stand out?

The high quality of our in-house research has made us stand out. We have a proven track record of anticipating financial events, from the recent Woodford debacle to the Equitable Life collapse in the early 2000s.

Our willingness to stand by our findings – often against the tide – has won us substantial recognition within the media, and an established reputation as one of the ‘go-to’ experts for comment and analysis.

While our reputation speaks for itself, we understand that accepting financial advice requires significant trust. That’s why we’re more than happy to hold an initial conversation, either in our office or virtually, so you can get to know the DW family on a personal level.

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* The original company name was Dennehy Weller & Co.

“Your help underlines the high quality and professional service we have unfailingly received from Dennehy Weller & Co. for more than 10 years.”

Mr Turner, Sutton

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