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Investing for growth –
our track record, your future.

Have you noticed that the websites of other investment advisers or platforms tell you nothing about their performance?  Or they tell you little about their investment processes.

We are different.  We share everything with you, including:

› Our track record

Combining our research and discretionary investment service is a powerful solution to your investment needs.

We overcome a fundamental problem which many advisers would rather ignore.  That problem is with the funds at the centre of your portfolio, your SIPP and ISA. 96% of investment funds are just not good enough.

To find a solution we began in-depth research back in 2005.  The initial results were very positive, so we broadened our research, which only reaffirmed our findings.

This research now underpins the Dennehy Wealth Discretionary Fund Management service (DFM).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

› What are the best investment funds for growth?

› Are my funds any good?

› What are the best ISA funds?

› What is a good growth rate?

› How do I build a £1m ISA?

There are no standard answers to these questions. The correct answer is whatever works best for you, matching your circumstances and objectives.

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