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Bring your future to life

Divorce is a hard and emotional experience.

It poses many challenges, including the need to make key financial decisions – some of which can affect both parties and their children for years after the divorce settlement.

The role of legal advisers is well recognised, but there will almost certainly be the need for financial guidance to set you on the right path towards a more secure future, both during the divorce process and afterwards.

Our strong recommendation is that you seek divorce guidance as early as possible.

From the beginning of the process, you should think about your future to translate your life choices and objectives into real numbers.

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We bring this to life by creating a model which reflects your needs, objectives, and aspirations, working out how much money you will need to achieve these goals, and whether they are realistic.

This could involve selling your home and starting a new life; ensuring you and your children are covered by insurance if a parent dies; starting a pension; investing a lump sum; funding a change in career, and many other possibilities.

We all have dreams, but sometimes it takes a life changing event such as divorce for us to seriously consider them.

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Help calculate your day-to-day living costs going forward

Prepare a budget

Calculate your income needs

Calculate your likely income (compared to your budget and needs)

Consider how you might increase your income

Calculate whether you can afford to keep your house

Decide where your pension share should be invested, along with other income producing investments

Calculate what income (from pensions and otherwise) you might expect at retirement

Review your state benefits, and whether they are fully funded

Learn more about inheritance tax

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Learn more about family protection

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Learn more about business protection

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