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Our discretionary and
advisory investment services

There are two options when it comes to working with us on investment matters: Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) or Advisory.

Discretionary services are widely used across our industry, but few provide details of performance on their websites.

We believe our discretionary service is more efficient, generating better and more consistent outcomes, whether your objective is growth or income.

Discretionary vs Advisory

The fundamental difference between the two options is that with our DFM service, you hand all discretion of the management of your investments to Dennehy Wealth.  That’s why it is essential we find out all about you before any agreement is in place, ensuring we recommend the right portfolio for you.

Our objective for you with our discretionary service is simple:

  • Less Stress –  Worrying about investing
  • More Time –  For what’s important
  • Proper Defence – Protecting your capital
  • Better Performance – Consistent outperformance

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