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Free 30 min consultation

Let us focus on your biggest priority – at our expense

You want to work with someone you feel you can trust. You might even prefer to actually like us!

But how can you find this out without it costing you money?

Our solution is to enable you to talk to us at our expense, for 30 minutes.

Better still, so you benefit as quickly as possible, this first discussion focuses on what you have identified as your biggest priority.

The mechanics

How we do this depends on where you live or work.

For example, if you are nearby you will probably prefer to come to our office.

Alternatively, if you are further afield in the UK or overseas you might be happy with a mix of phone and email, or possibly by Skype (or similar).

Start now…

Complete the small number of details below, and press “Let’s get started”.

If at any stage you would like to adjust any detail just get in touch as set out in the confirmation email which you will receive shortly.

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Our acclaimed, unique, investment research ensures our views are featured in the national press and media nearly every weekend.

Most importantly, our in-house research, and these high standards, are there to ensure we can provide you with the very best advice, today and into the future.

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