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The Pieces Fall Into Place

By News, Generating Growth

There is no one fact which usefully informs us right now. Rather we have a jig-saw, and the pieces have been gradually emerging over the last couple of years. The picture is becoming clearer, and the latest shape was inflation volatility, which sounds dry but is very informative for investors. What works for investors in this environment, and should do so for years ahead, is reasonably clear from historical precedents in financial markets. But we still need to navigate some rocks in the shorter term.

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Of Fact-Checkers And Dreamers

By News, Generating Growth

From November, US financial markets and beyond began dancing to the tune of the US Federal Reserve, who hinted that collapsing inflation would allow interest rates to be cut sharply and soon.  With the bleary dawn of 2024 the rhythm became more a stagger and a wobble, with bursts of exuberance, almost exclusively in technology.  Let’s look at the detail.

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Winter Newsletter 2022

By Newsletter

With 2022 coming to a close, it is time for our Winter newsletter 2022, including:

“Opportunities, Like The Phoenix From The Ashes”, by Brian.
“How To Reduce Inheritance Tax”, by Gus and Hayley.
“My Experience With Dementia”, by Kylie.
“Reading List For Kids”, by Tara.

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Good Riddance To A Roller Coaster Year

By Market Commentary

This update runs longer than normal.  There is a lot happening! 2022 has been a year of transition.  Not just the end of the Elizabethan Age, but the end of an extraordinary 40-year downtrend in inflation and interest rates. We have said many times that when the latter trend ends, it will be painful, and you have begun to see that in 2022 – but it is only the beginning of adjustments.

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