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Investing for income–
our unique research, your future.

The days of relying on a guaranteed employer pension plan are far behind us all, but for a very lucky few.

You may already want to know how much income you can generate today, but it’s important to know how much you can generate in years to come too.

Did you know that inflation destroys the value of your income?

With inflation of just 3% over the next 25 years, the value of your income falls by more than 50%.

Inflation is unavoidable but our high-quality research uncovers funds with an established track record of not just paying a strong income, but also increasing it each year to offset the impact of inflation.

Funds without a consistent track record of growing their income are of no use to you, but others may still recommend them to you.

We offer the best advice so you can generate income in the years ahead, whether from a portfolio, ISAs, pension/SIPPs or a mix of all three.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

› What are the best investment funds for income?

› How do I choose income funds?

› What is a good level of income from a fund?

› Will I run out of money?

› What are my income options in later life?

There are no standard answers to these questions. The correct answer is whatever works best for you, matching your circumstances and objectives.

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