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Retirement planning

Retirement planning falls into two very different stages:


Maximising the growth of your self-invested personal pension (SIPP) or pension plan during your working life

Securing the greatest income possible through a long retirement, consistently from year to year

To really maximise the potential at both stages you must know the following;

  • How to select the best investments for growth so that, eventually, you receive the largest possible income.
  • If you are already at the stage of wanting income, you must carefully analyse the best income options for you. This requires expert input if you want to get it right from the beginning.

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Our acclaimed, and unique, in-house research means that we are well-positioned to help.

Not only do we have the investment expertise, but, as Chartered Financial Planners, we also have the technical expertise around pensions, and their complexities.

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Questions we can help resolve:

› Will I have enough money to retire?

› How much income can I generate from my SIPP/pension?

› How much should I save for retirement?

› Can you help with my disorganised pension plans?

› How can I build a £1m pension pot?

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