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Inheritance tax planning

Inheritance tax can cost your loved ones hundreds of thousands of pounds when you die.

While you might not consider yourself to be wealthy, your house alone is likely to be valued above the level at which your family may have to pay tax.

It is possible to reduce the huge amounts of inheritance tax, or even avoid it entirely if you take the right action today.

It can be difficult to grasp the ins and outs of inheritance tax, so it is important you seek advice from a Chartered Financial Planner, who can tailor a solution for you.

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Here are some common questions about inheritance tax that we can help you with:

› What is my inheritance tax bill if I died today?

› What action can I take today to reduce that inheritance tax bill?

› What scope is there for me to make gifts?

› Will my pension pot be taxed?

› Are ISAs subject to inheritance tax?

› Is a trust helpful?

› What is the inheritance tax rate?

› Who pays the inheritance tax?

› When is the inheritance tax due to be paid?

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