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Our research
and track record

Dennehy Wealth is one of the UK’s leading financial advisers, and we have been providing expert financial advice since 1987.

It is the high quality of our in-house research which has made us stand out, including our acclaimed TopFunds financial guide launched in 2002, FundExpert in 2012 and Brian Dennehy’s best seller “Clueless” in 2018, as well as a collection of ebooks and papers.

It is also why the media trust us, and it is quite possible you will have seen us featured on television, the radio and in the press over the years.

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“One of the UK’s leading financial advisers.”

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The problem we solve

Have you noticed that the websites of other investment advisers or platforms tell you nothing about their performance?  Or they tell you little about their investment processes.

We are different.  We share everything with you:

› Our acclaimed research

› Our track record

› Our discretionary and advisory services

Combining our research and discretionary investment service is a powerful solution to your investment needs.

We overcome a fundamental problem which many advisers would rather ignore.  That problem is with the funds at the centre of your portfolio, your SIPP and ISA. 96% of investment funds are just not good enough.

To find a solution we began in-depth research back in 2005.  The initial results were very positive, so we broadened our research, which only reaffirmed our findings.

This research now underpins the Dennehy Wealth Discretionary Fund Management service (DFM).

A proven track record

The process we use to select UK growth funds has a proven track record. The performance of our selected UK growth funds has been 11 times greater than the UK stock market (the FTSE 100 index) since the year 2000.

Imagine if your pension fund was 11x greater than if you had simply invested into funds which tracked the stock market index. That would be life changing.

No more risk

This achievement doesn’t come with any increased risk, and our success isn’t limited to the UK. Our portfolio focused on Asia and emerging markets is equally as impressive. Since 2000, it has achieved a return 10 times greater than the underlying index.

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