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ISA, pension, and market updates

By March 25, 2009No Comments

The end of the tax year s just ahead.  If you intend to make ISA or pension contributions, please don’t leave it until the last minute.

We can send most forms to you by email, including the ISA Guide and The Income Report 2009.

Please do not use the FREEPOST address at this stage, as it is second class post, and might not get to us in time.  Please use the new address: 2nd floor, 3 High Street, Chislehurst, BR7 5AB.

On the markets and economy, President Obama said last night that he sees signs of recovery.  He isn’t taking a huge risk of being wrong in saying this – as a politician if there was a huge risk of being wrong he simply wouldn’t say it.  As we pointed out in our last commentary, there are enough early signs of stabilisation that economists are largely agreed that there will be a recovery in the second half of this year, if not the second quarter, in the US.  The UK might be a quarter or two behind them.

This will not be boom time, but it should be sufficient to allow stock markets and corporate bonds to move ahead, and the “smart money” has been buying for a few weeks, hence two separate days enjoying rises in excess of 5%.

Investors still need to be vigilant, and for many the most comfortable ISA choice will continue to be one or more corporate bond funds. Do ring or email if you need a helping hand.

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